The Social Audit Cookbook

We may argue about what we define as a good society but mostly we agree that our societies could be made better than they are. This cookbook is designed to help you contribute to that process by carrying out social audits to find out how your part of society works. It's called a Cookbook because it offers recipes and ingredients for carrying out social auditing.

Using these measures  together with the more conventional ones also included  community based researchers should be able to show how well communities work  not just describe their economic or material characteristics.

This cookbook is for community activists who want to produce research reports to support submissions  lobbying and other forms of social action. The cookbook is not intended to be politically or socially neutral. It is being offered to community groups and others who want to use it as a contribution to making our social systems more able to deal with the consequences of current political decisions. It is based on the premise that we need to promote the importance of certain types of social links in making our society more equitable (the fair go)  respectful of diversity and able to argue civilly  and irrepressibly  about our conflicts.

This cookbook aims to give you a variety of recipes for social research. It contains a broad selection of ingredients that can be used to create a research design that suits your particular needs for measuring how people are connecting in your community. The suggested measures will also be useful in finding out more about areas of need in the community and looking at the connections and relationships which create or undermine social capital.

You will find here new ideas and measures of social well being which offer alternatives to the economic or more quantitative results-focused statistics used by most official bodies. Such ideas and measures will then strengthen your ability to argue with funding bodies based on social indicators rather than purely economic ones. Download Cookbook here: